How to Select the Appropriate Sized Padded Envelope

Using bubble padded envelopes is a ideal way to send items through the mail that need to be protected from damage. Items like CDs, DVDs, brochures and photographs are ideally posted using padded envelopes. Sturdy and secure, padded envelopes can be sent via a range of postage options.

100x180mm Plain White Bubble Padded Bag Mailer Envelope
Available from post shops, stationers and office supply stores, Australia consumers can find the right sized envelope to fit their parcel. Many consumers choose to purchase padded envelopes online. Stanley Packaging offers consumers a wide selection of various padded envelopes of different sizes, quantities, and types.

Choose the Appropriate Sized Padded Envelope Guideline

The size envelope required depends on the size of the package being posted. When choosing an appropriate size, it pays to place the item in different sized envelopes to find out which size offers the best fit. The envelope should be large enough for the item to slip easily into, not too large that the item slips around inside the envelope or too small that the item has to be squished into the envelope. Padded Bubble Mailers come in a selection of standard sizes. The following table provides a list of these sizes and their corresponding measurements in millimetres.

Internal Envelope Size (mm)

Suggested Use

90 x 45

A7 size; ideal for posting jewellery and other small objects

140 x 195

Ideal for sending CDs

170 x 245

A5 size; ideal for posting DVDs

205 x 245

Useful for sending small gifts

220 x 320

Ideal for posting small items with some depth to them; desk diaries

Bubble Padded Envelope 245mm x 335mm

A4 size; useful for sending A4 papers and brochures

260 x 345

Ideal for posting books

290 x 445

Use to post clothing

345 x 445

A3 size; for large books or brochures

If Aussie consumers are unable to measure the item in the envelope to find the right size, they can always measure the width, length, and depth of the item being posted and calculate the best padded envelope size this way. Consumers should also go a size up rather than down to ensure a nice fit without the risk of ripping the envelope.