Stanley Packaging supply premium quality Thermal Labels for many applications and business sectors, including Retail, Hospitality and Manufacturing, no matter how big or small, here at Stanley Packaging we can supply all of your labeling needs from our extensive range of Direct Thermal Labels.

Direct thermal labels are a cost-effective alternative to printed labels. With this type of label, data is transferred onto using a thermal transfer process. The heat reacts with the coating on the labels themselves eliminating the need for ink or toner. Thermal label printers are fast and reliable and cost much less to run compared to a laser or inkjet printer.

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Benefits of direct thermal labels

Fast and reliable – The heat transfer process is much faster than laser or inkjet technology. The relatively simple process also has fewer moving parts so thermal printers are much more reliable and less prone to printer jams.

Durable – The thermal transfer process is dry so there is no risk of the print being smudged after printing. This makes them ideal for receipts or shipping labels.

Cost-effective – No ink or toner needs to be purchased so thermal labels are a much more cost-effective option than either inkjet or laser printers.

When not to use thermal labels

Despite being durable, direct thermal printers are not suitable for all types of environment. The label coating is sensitive to light and heat so they are not suitable for printing on products which are exposed to these elements. This includes products kept outside or in the chiller cabinets. The technology is best reserved for short shelf life items, receipt rolls or shipping labels.

Why choose us for your thermal label supplies?

Stanley Packaging is a family-owned business which prides itself on the level of service we provide our customers. We offer fast shipping times on all products and our friendly advisors are always on hand to offer advice about the best packaging supplies for your business.

We are also committed to providing the best-priced packaging supplies in Australia. We check our prices every day to ensure we always offer the best products at the best value prices. If you would like help choosing the right thermal labels for your printer, get in touch with us now on (03) 8795 7876 and one of our friendly advisors will help.