From delicate pastel tissue paper sheets to heavy-duty protective materials, tissue paper comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes. As a versatile option for packaging, tissue paper often can be found in a spectrum of different colours, from primary shades through to plain white and even eye-catching metallics. Typically, available in a rectangular format, this packaging can offer protection for a range of semi-breakable or fragile items where the use of bubble wrap or air-filled plastic protection may not be necessary.

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Created from a range of different paper types, tissue paper tends to be incredibly thin, though honeycomb protective rolls are thicker with a 3D element to improve their flexibility and protective qualities from used on fragile materials such as glass. Tissue paper can be used for thousands of different purposes, from shipping ecommerce to small business branding to protecting makeup and similarly fragile goods.

Acid-Free & Recycled Tissue Paper Available

The complete range of coloured tissue paper we stock at Stanley Packaging is acid-free. This refers to the chemical treatment the tissue paper goes through in manufacturing, and acid-free paper is preferable for any materials that could be damaged otherwise, such as jewellery, fabrics, or ceramics. For eco-conscious individuals, we also stock recycled tissue paper, providing a way to lower your eco-footprint when it comes to packaging items.

Our selection also includes protective honeycomb roll tissue paper, offering an eco-friendly alternative to plastic-based packaging options for more fragile items. Suited to glass, delicate objects and breakables, these rolls are thin and compact while still providing the structure and security needed for shipping in mailer boxes.

Buy Bulk Tissue Paper Today from Stanley Packaging

Looking to buy bulk tissue paper from a reliable supplier? At Stanley Packaging, we stock a wide range of different tissue paper options in bulk. Whether you’re just setting up a business or looking for a new supplier, we’re the ideal choice for high-quality tissue paper across a range of shades and styles. We only sell in bulk, which allows us to keep prices affordable and offers our customers the best rates available on the market today.