Address Labels

Address labels might seem like an old school thought to many, but they are essential for our daily as well as corporate lives. Address labels or mailing labels can be used to label envelopes, bags, shipping consignments, and anything that has to be mailed. People even use it for their luggage and electronic gadgets that they might carry around with them on daily tasks. This helps in recovery of the object an easier job.

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Wholesale Address Labels in Australia

Stanley Packaging has a huge variety of address labels as well as mailing labels that can be used by the companies. The address and mailing labels are sold in bulks, and they are all Dymo printer friendly. They have long lasting images printed on them. The information added on these address labels and mailing labels later on through pen or markers is ever lasting and does not erase easily.

We sell fantastically discounted address labels and mailing labels that are sturdy and do not tear off easily. The labels are thermal friendly, and the ink does not melt due to high temperatures. The label sheets are A4 sized, in some cases the mailing labels and address labels are divided into four labels, in some cases 8 labels. They come in glossy sticker form as well as matt sticker form. Each pack contains around 100 of these sheets. We also sell brown craft paper that can be used as a mailing label or address label. The sheets are one label per sheet, and they can be printed using the laser as well.

Stanley Packaging can be contacted on (03) 8795 7876, and our address is 6/45 Technology Circuit Hallam, Melbourne Vic 3803.

About Mailing Labels

There are any kinds of labels available. Some of the mailing labels are adhesive while some require an additional sticking substance to be attached to any object. They are available in multiple sizes and even can be customized according to needs. Some of the adhesive rolls can also be customized for sizes according to requirements.

The tapes come in roll forms, and their adhesive is permanent. The tapes may contain small mailing labels, and in some cases, the roll includes continuous labels and the adhesive address labels or mailing labels are cut as per the need. There are A4 sized sheets available that can be used as a single mailing label or can also be used to cut the address labels according to the need. There are even transparent sheets available that can be written upon or pre-printed all depending upon the need of the time.