Take away containers are an essential part of every household because you need them no matter what ever kind of food you want to store. These take away food containers help you store food refrigerators, freezers, and even simple cabinets. Plastic takes away container has multiple uses and is not limited to being used as a takeaway food container alone.

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Best Price Wholesale Take Away Containers in Australia

Stanley packaging offers a broad range of natural colored plastic takeaway containers, that can be either used take away food containers or other storage purposes. They are a must have for people who have a home-based food business and do not have a registered packaging label for themselves. These takeaway containers are the best option they can go for, that not only helps keep their food safe but also make it easy for them to keep a check on the quantity of serving they are selling.

Our takeaway containers are priced reasonably with no compromise on the quality of the takeaway food containers. To make sure that there is no fault in the boxes they are double checked when they are being grouped in sets of fifty boxes.

Quality Guaranteed Takeaway Food Containers

Our takeaway containers are all superb in quality. They are microwave friendly and cause no harm to health. The lids are a perfect fix, and thus the food is air tight that helps the food stay fresh for a longer period. The plastic take away container can also be used to store hot food or fluids and thus to ensure there is nothing harmful to health involved.

The boxes come in four different sizes, 500gm, 650gm, 750gm and 1000gm. This helps people interested in buying these boxes be sure about the quantity they are putting in each box. In case, if someone uses the takeaway food container box as a simple storage box then the fast lids ensure that they can be used comfortably.


Stanley packaging is located at 6/45 Technology Circuit Hallam, Melbourne Vic 3803 and they can also be reached on our landline number that is (03) 8795 7876. We have excellent after sales service as well; this ensures happy customers.

The quality of the plastic used for our containers is thick, and thus this makes it heat resistant as well. Our plastic takeaway boxes are a must have for kitchens and home-based food delivery business. Even restaurants can take advantage of these boxes to parcel leftovers effectively and efficiently.