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CouriersPlease was founded in 1983 and has become one of Australia’s most trusted couriers in the years since, helping households and businesses to send gifts and products across the country for four decades. To use CouriersPlease, you need to make sure that you have the right labels. See Stanley Packaging’s range of CouriersPlease shipping labels and make the most of your shipping opportunities today.

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Stanley Packaging has a constant focus on providing high-quality packaging products to customers of all types, from a loving couple that needs to send out invites and gifts to their wedding guests to a business that sells hundreds of products every week. CouriersPlease labels are highly adhesive and have a quality finish, so you can rest assured that every item you send will reach its recipient and look great whilst it does so. If you like our shipping labels, our adhesive paper is the ideal alternative for a company looking to ship large products more reliably.

Label per roll options

Every customer has their own needs, from a business that goes through thousands of labels in no time at all to a small company that’s just getting off the ground, with a few dozen orders each month. Options include everything from 220 labels per roll to a thousand, which means that you’re not stuck ordering a standard 500 labels per roll regardless of the size of your company. Such a high level of flexibility means that your company can order exactly what it needs, making sure that you have enough labels to keep doing business whilst not paying excessive amounts only to have a surplus of labels in your business.

A range of printer types

Couriers Please labels work effectively with a range of different printer types. Some are designed for thermal label printers, where others use DYMO printers as an alternative. Offering a selection of label types means that you don’t need to invest in a new printer and can instead make the most of your existing label printing equipment. This flexibility is perfect for a business that’s getting up and running, since it means that you cut down on costs and save as much money as you can on shipping.

Cost effective

When you’re running a business, every single dollar and cent counts. That’s why the Stanley Packaging team focuses on keeping our prices as low as possible on everything from thermal direct labels to boxes and envelopes. As a family-owned company ourselves, we know that margins can be tight and companies can often struggle with tight budgetary limitations. By focusing on providing wholesale prices to our retail clients, we can help you to compete with your rivals on price and grow your company as much as possible.

Instant customer service

CouriersPlease is just one tool that companies have to get their products out to customers and to keep this supply chain flowing as consistently as possible, you need reliable customer service. The Stanley Packaging team provides our customers with instant customer service, with a live chat feature working alongside our phone support team. You’ll never be left uncertain about the progress of any order and can get expert guidance on all of your purchases.

This comes alongside Stanley Packaging’s pledge to dispatch every order within one day, keeping your supply chain as agile as can be. You won’t be caught short without labels and can send out your products as soon as possible to all of your clients. Companies build their reputation on delivering great products in a timely manner, and the right CouriersPlease labels can be the start of your reputation as a top-quality business.

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