Paper bags are usually made from durable kraft paper. They are very versatile and food-safe, meaning that you can use them as shopping bags, packaging and food storage. As technology improves, the quality of paper bags goes up. Paper bags available today are sturdier and durable.

Generally, their shape is box-like, which gives them the structure and strength to hold heavier items. Besides food storage, paper bags can be used to hold documents, goodies and many other items.

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100% Recyclable Kraft Paper Bag Now Available

Especially in times with a lot of concern for the environment and sustainability, paper bags offer a recyclable, low-impact solution. They are 100% reusable and recyclable. Paper bags can even be made biodegradable to pose a lower risk to wildlife and the environment.

In comparison to low-quality plastic bags, paper bags are cheaper and can be reused more. They are also child-safe; children are unlikely to be suffocated from accidentally putting a paper bag over their heads as opposed to plastic bags.

Paper bags have increasingly been used to promote brands as they can be customized easily and are a low-cost branding solution. They can be stamped upon, printed or embossed, and the aesthetics of the bag from color to design is highly customizable. Especially at physical stores, customers can be handed their purchases in customized paper bags, which translates to free advertising and endorsement for the brand.

Unbeatable Bulk Prices of Paper Bags at Stanley Packaging

At Stanley Packaging, we sell packages of paper bags at wholesale rates. These brown kraft bags are made of strong kraft paper of 180 gsm and have cotton shoestring kraft handles.  The base of the bags is reinforced, increasing their durability. The material is recyclable and biodegradable and therefore eco-friendly.

Being able to sell larger quantities from our website helps keep our prices low, giving you the best rates on paper bags.