How to efficiently use bubble wrap when packing to move

Bubble Wrap is an excellent protection for wrapping fragile items such as glassware or china it can also be used as void fill in boxes. Helps prevent most shipping damage, absorbs shock to keep your fragile items safe and light weight also reduces shipping costs. Moving is one of the few events in life that can be both exciting and stressful.  And moving is an expensive chore, the most expensive piece of the puzzle may be packaging supplies. Learning the best way to use bubble wraps can help you to save money without having to worrying about the condition of your belongings. Today Stanley Packaging packing experts share some tricks for using bubble wrap more efficiently when moving.

Top Tips for Using Bubble Wrap Rolls Efficiently When Moving

Wrap Using the Correct Side

Bubble wrap has two sides, one side has the bubbles, and the other is flat. The best way to package your item is with the bubbles facing out. If you don’t package it the right way, you will likely need to use more bubble wraps to protect your items as it won’t be as efficient. In addition, the bubbles can stick to your packaging products, which makes it easier for them to pop and to not maintain their protective shield.

Skip the Furniture

When you pack up your TV or your couch, it may seem like you need to wrap it in bubble wrap for extra protection. However, doing this is a waste. There are other options for wrapping your big items to keep them protected. Furniture, for instance, can be wrapped in shrink-wrap or moving blankets. This will help you to keep the bubble wrap for the items that actually need it.

Use Bubble Wrap Only when Needed

As you start packing up your items, it may be tempting to use bubble wrap for nearly everything. Plastic decorations, Books and DVDs do not need to be wrapped. They will travel well without having to be protected. Keep this in mind as you box up your products.

Consider Supplemental Packing Supplies

When using bubble wrap, it may work better if you use other packing supplies to complement its benefits. For example, if you are using bubble wrap to encase a large picture, add cardboard on the outside for an extra barrier. This will further protect the item. In addition, packing tapes should be used to secure bubble wrap around an item. It will help to keep it in place.

Whether you pack up your items with pink 10 mm bubble wrap or another favorite color, there are a few things to know. Buying in bulk and being cognizant of when you need to use it will help you to save money in the long run. In addition, complementing bubble wrap with other packing materials will ensure that even the most fragile item is protected. Being aware of how to pack will help to reduce some stress that comes with moving.

Buy Protective Bubble Wrap Rolls in Bulk

After spending money on real estate, investing money in moving supplies can seem like a drain. The best way to save money when buying bubble wrap is to buy it in bulk. Stanley Packaging is an Australia reliable vendors that sell bubble wrap in bulk quantities. Oftentimes, these packages have two or three times what you can find in the store for the same price. As there are different sizes of bulk bubble wrap(e.g.: 25mm bubble wrap), think about the size that will work best for you.