How to correctly pack and ship your packaging products

Tape is the basic requirement for any packaging job. Whenever you need to transport any goods or products via train or truck, tape packaging is a must. The packaging tape keeps your products well secured and safe. Stanley Packaging brings a variety of tapes at very affordable rates in Australia to meet your complete foam packaging needs. It doesn’t matter whether you want to transport your products overseas or by train, we have a complete range of solutions for every customer.

Complete guidelines to correctly pack and ship your packaging goods when shipping

Packing the Box

  1. Industry standards recommend selecting an appropriate container that is large enough to accommodate the proper cushioning around the contents
  2. Wrap items with original 3/16″ Stanley Packaging Bubble Wrap Cushioning or clean and Packing Paper to keep items safe and protected during shipping
  3. Voids are best filled with larger 5/16″ Bubble Wrap Cushioning, or by wadding and compacting Packing Paper or Kraft Paper to fit into any empty box space


  1. Apply at least 3 strips of packing tape to the ends and bottom sides of the container using the H taping method. Tape should be applied to box where the flaps meet in the center, top and bottom so the middle and two edge seams are sealed.
  2. Duck Brand packaging tape can be used in Clear, Prints, Tan or Strapping to seal any package for safe delivery to it’s destination!

Decorating Ideas

You can cover anytime of year and event by using printed packaging tape as a decorating tool!

  1. Make Mom a Mother’s Day gift…
  2. Jazz up your office supplies…
  3. Frame up “man’s best friend” for Dad…
  4. Finish that special day with table decorations and memories for a lifetime…
  5. Party on!
  6. Every holiday gift and Acer as10d31 battery package can be a “special delivery”

Decorating Supplies

  1. OZPacking Custom Printed Packaging Tape
  2. Base item to decorate. Ideas include: gift bags, frames, posters, boxes, scrapbooks, table cloths, party hats, cake stands, stationery…. Use your imagination!
  3. Embellishments; ribbon, letters, sequins, stickers, feathers, charms, etc…

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