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At Stanley Packaging, we have an extensive range of packaging supplies Sydney residents can purchase for whatever packaging job they have on their hands. At our one-stop-shop, our vast range of packaging supplies covers all situations – household, commercial or industrial. So whether you’re moving house or you have large-scale shipping requirements, we’ve got the packaging supplies that will ensure your goods arrive safely and soundly. What’s more, we provide distribution to all areas of Australia. Our catalogue contains a huge range of both local and imported brands of packaging supplies. Our most popular items include:

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The fastest way to place an order with Stanley Packaging is to use our website. Your order will be processed swiftly by our speedy team who can arrange shipping to all parts of Australia. And why not check out our blog for updates on Stanley Packaging, packaging hacks and a whole lot more? Or simply browse our wide range of packaging supplies online. And remember, it takes just a few clicks to place an order.

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Stanley Packaging is a family-owned business. We take special pride in providing high-quality services at affordable prices. We always strive to ensure our customers’ needs are fully met, making sure that our services are easy to use, cost-effective and hassle-free. And because we are committed to providing packaging supplies at competitive prices, if you find an item that we stock at a cheaper price elsewhere, we’ll happily beat our competitor’s price by five per cent! (Terms and conditions apply.) Contact our team For further information about our products, shipping or any other packaging matter, talk to our team today. Find out why Stanley Packaging is the packaging supplier Sydney locals rely on for all their packaging needs. We deliver, so you can too!