Difference Between Regular Bubble Wrap and Anti-Static Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap also known as Air Bubble Packaging, help ensure damage-free delivery, allowing for added confidence when it comes to shipping fragile items. Due to its lightweight nature, bubble wraps adds little/no shipping costs. Whether you want to prevent shipping damage at  little extra cost, or are just looking to pop some bubbles, Stanley Packaging offers a selection of over a dozen styles of air bubble wrap ready to ship today.

Anti-static bubble wrap bags or even our anti-static foam pouches are a must for any electronic environment. You have a few options on how you want to use the anti-static bubble wrap material. Premier Protective Packaging has the ability to stock the anti-static material in foam or bubble. The most common size that we carry is the 10mm Bubble but we also carry 20mm bubble and 25mm bubble.

anti-static-bubble-bagsAnti-Static Bubble Bags

  • Self seal anti-static bubble bags (pouches)
  • Used for protecting electrical equipment against static as well as transit damage such as impact and shock
  • For use where static may cause problems
  • Pink in colour to distinguish anti-static from regular protective packaging
  • Self-adhesive strip makes opening and closing quick and easy

The benefits of Anti-Static Material

  • Low Cost
  • Eliminates the hazard of static electricity
  • Protects goods from external damage
  • Non-Abrasive, won’t scratch or mar delicate surfaces
  • Ideal for packaging, storing and shipping electronic components

Regular Clear Bubble Wrap Usage

Are you packaging a breakable item or need some impact protection while your product is being shipped around the world? The typical standard bubble that we see all around us is clear and you see it in new products you open or in mailing/packaging an item. It is by far the most frequently used bubble and it will give you that impact protection on small to medium size items while shipping. OZPacking convert this material and help companies protect their automotive parts, glass, tools, candles, bottles, you name it… i’ve bet we’ve protected it!

Package Electronics in Anti-Static Bubble Wrap Rolls

A Static Charge could damage your Computer Monitor, TV, Smartphone, Tablet PC etc, if not properly packaged. With Anti-Static Packaging, static will travel around the bag and will dissipate before it has a chance to damage contents when shipping or storing. In the picture to the right, you have 3 Anti-static bags with an inch lip & tape, very ideal for your electronics.