Business Envelopes Usage and Knowledge Base

Business envelopes are a very important part of creating a professional brand. Taking the time and effort to brand your business is well worth it. A branded business will differentiate itself from its many competitors and look as qualified and experienced as it really is. It only takes a few minutes to find business envelopes you like, add your information, and get them ordered. We have designed these products to help your mailings have a bigger impact and get noticed by recipients. Choose from one of our striking designs and see your response rate sky rocket.

OZPacking designs vary from sleek and simple to fun and colorful. Find what works with your industry and brand personality and your business envelopes will be shipped to you as soon as possible. Our customization program is simple, so don’t worry about not being able to customize your order. We’ll work with you to make sure that you’re 100% satisfied with your product.

C4 White Envelopes 324mm x 229mm Peel N Seal
Business envelopes are just one of the many business products we have. To make sure the inside of your mailing looks great too, order a letterhead. Your letters will look much more professional and get the response that you’d like. This is a low-cost way to appear more experienced and get more business. You might also like custom business notepads and business stationery. The great part about these products is that they can be used for any purpose. Regardless of what you’re writing or who it’s going to, you will look qualified. While digital marketing is crucial, you also need to think about how your company looks on paper.

You’ve spent a lot of time making sure the company’s marketing materials and other distributed content are eye-catching and of the highest quality – now it’s time to make sure the packaging is just as professional with a host of business envelopes to choose from.


How a business-size envelope seals and how easily it opens are important factors in choosing an office-appropriate envelope. Self-seal envelopes with a gummed flap require moistening to create a secure seal, whereas envelopes with a press-to-seal or peel-and-seal flap don’t require any moistening to make a bond. Business envelopes with a button-and-string design maintain loose closure and are better for storage rather than mailing purposes.

Paper Weight

Most business envelopes have a 24-lb paper weight, but for a more substantial feel, choose a business-size Plain Face Envelopes with a 32-lb or even 60-lb paper weight for conveying highly important messages.

Size and Color

Whether the intended impression is serious and skilled or fun and creative, there’s a business envelope size and color option to suit any purpose. Go with standard white for a crisp look or choose an off-white hue to stand out from the average pile of mail. If you really need to grab clients’ attention, choose a business size envelope in a vibrant hue, like blue or red.

Number of Windows

None, 1 or 2? How many envelope windows are needed? Windowless envelopes offer a smooth exterior surface for handwriting lengthy custom messages or printing information from an inkjet or laser printer. Business envelopes with 2 windows display return and mailing addresses, eliminating the need to handwrite them.