Bubble wrap is made from two layers of polyethylene film, with small pockets, or bubbles of air sealed between the layers. The thin plastic creates an extremely flexible product for a snug fit with almost any item, while the air bubbles act like shock absorbers, cushioning the product from impact.

Favoured for being reliable, flexible, and affordable, bubble wrap is a favourite choice for many e-commerce business owners. Bubble wrap is also extremely light and will not add excess weight to shipping costs.

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A larger 20mm diameter bubble creates a slightly firmer product for more cushioning protection. The larger bubbles also take up more space when packed into a box, reducing product use and saving money.

20mm bubble wrap is best for medium to large items but can be used across any application. For very small items or space-saving, try our 10mm bubble wrap instead.

The naturally insulating properties of bubble wrap also make it a cost-effective DIY greenhouse material.

Best of all bubble wrap can be recycled! While it is not suitable for most council collections, REDCycle and Replas offer recycling programs for soft plastics in most major supermarkets.

Bulk buy affordable Bubble Wrap with Stanley Packaging

The best products deserve the best prices. At Stanley Packaging our Price Beat Guarantee and bulk buy option to allow us to keep offering our customers high-quality products at the lowest prices every day.

Available in rolls of 100m in length bubble wrap is an affordable, versatile option for any packing needs. Easy to trim to size, bubble wrap can be sealed with any of our tapes.

For an all-in-one space saving option, try our padded envelopes.

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