10mm Bubble Wraps


Standard 10mm bubble wrap rolls

10mm sized bubble wraps are the most versatile and most used bubble product. Clear protective packaging. Provides cushioning and support of products during moving and storage. This roll can also be perforated to make it ideal for on the job usage, no need for knives. Just tear off at the closest perforation.

Whether you are chasing one roll, or bulk bubble wraps, you will find that our bubble wrap prices are the cheapest anywhere in Melbourne.

Our 10mm Bubblewrap consists of bubbles with a diameter of 10mm. This is the most common bubblewrap used for general packaging and protection of goods. Melbourne Bubble Wrap guarantees the lowest prices. If you find a cheaper price then contact us and we will beat it. Our prices are 30%- 40% lower than most other companies selling bubblewrap in Melbourne.

10mm bubblewrap is sold in 100 metre rolls and 50 metre rolls. You can choose rolls widths in multiples of 375mm, 500mm, 750mm and 1500mm.

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