Pallet strapping has a range of uses including attaching goods to pallets, securely sealing boxes for transit, fastening multiple boxes together to reduce shipping errors, reinforcing cartons which contain heavy goods and providing easier handling on oversize boxes.

But perhaps the biggest benefit of pallet strapping is that it can be used to help reduce shipping costs by bundling multiple boxes together to form a single parcel.

Stanley Packaging offers a range of strapping supplies to suit a wide range of applications. Our pallet strapping is available in both polypropylene and steel to suit standard and heavy-duty packaging requirements.

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Types of pallet strapping

Plastic strap – Suitable for light and medium-duty bundling of cardboard boxes. Our polypropylene strapping comes on a 1000m roll and is available in two widths 12mm and 15mm.

Steel strapping – Heavy-duty steel strapping can be used for bundling heavy items such as oversize timber and metals. This type of strapping is often used in the construction industry due to its high breaking point. We supply steel strapping in 12mm – 19mm widths which provide a break load of between 480kg to 823kg.

Accessories – We also supply plastic duct buckles for 12mm strapping. This allows smaller shippers to use strapping without having to invest in an automatic strapping machine.

Why choose us for your pallet strapping supplies?

Stanley Packaging is a 100% Australian family-owned business which is dedicated to providing the highest levels of service at the lowest possible prices. Our staff are on hand each day to help you make the right choice for your packaging supplies. We also check our prices regularly to ensure we always offer the best value.

So if you need help choosing the right pallet strapping for your business. Get in touch with us today on (03) 8795 7896. We keep most packaging supplies in stock at our Melbourne warehouse and offer same day dispatch on all orders placed before 4 pm.