Resealable Bags

Keeping yourself organized can be a tough task to do in case of busy lifestyle. However, nothing is impossible and it can be tackled easily by using resealable bags; it makes your life easy by providing following essential features:

  • Well made, Space-saving and ensures air-tight storage
  • Easy to handle and of genuine quality
  • Keep moisture and environmental damage away
  • Items sorter and traveller-friendly

Stanley packaging offers a wide range of re-sealable bags that is further categorized as:

  • Polypropylene bags (BOPP)
  • Zip lock bags
  • Zip lock bags with panel

Our polypropylene BOPP bags, where BOPP sets for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, is basically a polypropylene film that is coated as surplus layer to your criss-cross polypropylene bags, are our latest competitive category in packaging.

It provides excellent printing quality, BOPP bags exerts less weight as compare to resealable ziplock plastic bags; therefore reduced shipping cost is obtained at low price respectively. They are more stable and great tensile strength. Ziplock bags are majorly used for household purposes like frozen storage of perishable items like fruits and vegetables to make your weekly cooking menu easy. Ziplock bags with panel are the most economical category among three categories.

Best Price Resealable Bags in Australia

Our range of re-sealable bags is made from either 35um or 40um thick plastic. While considering cost, 35um (micron) bags are less expensive as compare to 40um because of its thickness; if your need is to store sharpen objects to avoid tear then you require to buy bags of thickness 40um. Hence, we take care of our customers accordingly to their needs and requirements.

We are selling 1000 pieces of bags in bulk with clear color and of different length, height, and weight so that products of different sizes and weight can be stored in it. We also offer some additional promotional offers of “buy 6 get 15% off’ to make our buyers happy.

Stanley packaging is giving BOPP bag at a very economical price, this bag is a revolutionary bag in case of packaging industry as it occupies less weight while shipping but appearance wise it's glossy and easy to print property, great strength internally makes it a big hit and appealing among all. We provide packaging materials in the most economical way possible so you can pile up whatever you require. Perhaps your time to give it a try has come. Stanley Packaging has a great money-return policy to offer to its purchasers.


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