Polyethylene Sheets

Polyethylene sheet is a true plastic that has a lot of application in various fields, its use is beyond the limits from shopping carriers to making armor shields. It doesn’t get spoiled, shows good property of being chemical resistant and physically resistant too, hence making a suitable choice for other kinds of outdoor uses. Polyethylene sheets also vary from being transparent to opaque due to additive addition.

It also has wide applications in making tents, tarpaulins, constructing sites and reworking projects due to its moisture-resistant property as it can be used to protect the rooms and working material.

Our Polyethylene Sheet Features:

  • Fine and smooth finish with elegancy in look
  • Easy to handle
  • Improved quality with lowest cost as compare to market
  • Recommended for single time shipping and infrequent packaging purposes
  • It goes well with wrapping and stocking up with delicate items of crockery and decoration pieces due to its vibration dampening property.
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Goes well with packaging of denser items like furniture and electronic appliances.

Lowest Price Polyethylene Sheets in Australia

Polyethylene sheet comes in the range of most commercial and in-demand packaging material of Stanley packaging, which is available in various thickness, keeping size same and takes only three working days for processing. Our poly foam sheets are the problem solver to many of our customers whether it belongs to the construction industry, packaging industry, also applicable for lamination purpose.

We are easily accessible to users through our user-friendly site and an online option of chatting with us. When it comes to the cost of the sheet, our prices of sheet increase with the relative increase in thickness of our poly foam sheet. Our products are Australian made and owned.

Our shipping cost is also very reasonable and be easily discussed through our easy to reach contact number. Our website has categories and for each category, their price, color, stock availability, dimensions, size, description, rating and reviews are clearly mentioned. Our category of polyethylene includes:

  • Polyfoam Sheet 1m x 2m 20mm Thickness
  • Polyfoam Sheet 1m x 2m 30mm Thickness
  • Polyfoam Sheet 1m x 2m 40mm Thickness
  • Polyfoam Sheet 1m x 2m 50mm Thickness


Customers of Stanley packaging can easily find us at 6/45 Technology Circuit Hallam, Melbourne Vic 3803 and we are 24/7 available on our landline number that is (03) 8795 7876. We believe that successful material protection is dependent on the right choice was taken from the start, while buying raw material it should be of good quality to make a high-quality end-product.

As a packaging supplier of Australia, we provide a range of categories and also emphasise on making customer relations through our friendly site where you can ask queries or can give us a call. We always strive to improvise in our range and make it larger than before.

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