Double layer bubble wrap is designed to offer a higher level of protection for warehousing, international shipping, and other professional applications. Double layer bubble wrap uses the same reliable trapped air design in traditional bubble wrap, with an extra layer of polyethylene on top of the bubbles.

This additional layer creates a bubble ‘sandwich’ and adds protection and security, creating longer-lasting pockets of air that can withstand the rigors of forklift transport or long-distance freight.

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The 10mm bubble dimension ensures the product remains flexible to fit closely around products of any shape or size. Despite the extra protection, heavy-duty bubble wrap is still light enough to use as a space filler without adding excess weight.

All Stanley Packaging bubble wraps are made in Victoria, Australia, and the non-abrasive, non-corrosive design is safe to use with the most fragile items.

For domestic and light commercial tasks, we recommend using our single layer 10mm bubble wrap.

Professional shipping solutions with Stanley Packaging

Our 100 metre heavy duty rolls of bubble wraps come in 3 widths; 375mm,> 500mm, and 1500mm to suit tasks of any size.

All Stanley Packaging bubble wraps are environmentally friendly, made using HCFC & CFC free gasses. Bubble wrap and other soft plastic products can be recycled through REDcycle deposits, available in most major supermarket chains.

Lowest price on heavy duty bubble wrap guaranteed.

Our double layer heavy-duty bubble wrap is available via in-store pickup from Hallam Victoria only. However, we are still committed to offering the lowest prices every day on double layer bubble wrap rolls, and all other products.

If you find a competitor offering a lower price on the same item, simply talk to one of our friendly staff to find out how we can lower the price* even further.

*Terms and Conditions apply, contact us to find out more.