Bubble wrap is one of the most effective and widely used products when it comes to packaging fragile goods for transport.

Tiny resin beads are melted and stretched to create two thin layers of polyethylene film. While still warm, the air is pumped between the layers, which are then rolled in a shaped press and cooled. The press traps the air and seals it into the distinctive bubble wrap shape that is so popular for packaging, insulation, and even stress relief.

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The tough, yet flexible bubbles of air act as cushions to absorb impact and protect breakable items. Lightweight and easy to use, bubble wrap can be fitted tightly around an item, or packed into a box to fill the extra space and prevent items from shifting.

Stanley Packaging offers a range of products, including 20mm bubbles for larger objects, and heavy-duty wrap for extra protection.

Versatile and effective packing solutions

Easy to cut to size, and offering excellent protection for glassware, ceramics, and other fragile items, our large rolls of bubble wrap can match any job you have planned. To save time we also offer bubble pouch bags suitable for objects up to the size of a wine bottle for even faster dispatch.

Bubble wrap also offers excellent thermal insulation properties and can be used to help frozen foods stay frozen during transport, and is a popular choice for gardeners creating a DIY greenhouse.

In a world where the use of single-use plastics is rapidly decreasing, you can rest easy knowing that bubble wrap can be recycled through the REDcycle program. Deposit bins are available in most major supermarket chains.

Stanley Packaging won’t burst your bubble

When you shop with Stanley Packaging, you can rest assured you are receiving a quality product. Our bubble wrap is manufactured locally for fast dispatch. We distribute the best-renowned brands from Australia and around the world, at the lowest prices every day. Like all products we offer, our clear bubble wrap is reliable and affordable.

Whether you are planning a local house move or international shipping, Stanley Packaging has a solution for you. Our friendly staff offer fast, accurate advice through our online contact formor over the phone.