20mm Bubble Wraps

Large 20mm bubble wrap rolls

20mm large sized bubble wrap offers a cost-effective protective packaging material for cushioning, packing or void fill purposes. Whether you are chasing one roll, or bulk bubble wraps, you will find that our bubble wrap prices are the lowest anywhere in Melbourne.

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Our 20mm Bubblewrap grade can be used to protect and package a range of different products and is often utilised for larger items where the smaller 10mm bubble wrap isn't quite enough! When small bubbles just don’t cut the mustard, opt for this bubble wrap which offers greater protection and has superior cushioning properties. It is highly versatile in application and makes a good alternative to polystyrene loosefill chips or paper, as an ideal solution for cushioning goods and filling voids. Due to its larger bubble size, less wrap is needed compared to the smaller bubbles; making it a cost effective solution in many different scenarios. Alternatively it also doubles up as a great stress reliever!

Stanley Packaging use Australian-made raw materials and manufacture a product that is incredibly high quality. Many companies skimp on material to save costs. This results in lower strength bubbles. Our bubblewrap is 6.7 grams per square metre, resulting in strong bubbles that offer maximum protection. Don't settle for lower quality bubblewrap at higher prices. Shop today and save now!

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