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8 x Compatible for Brother TZ-231 Black on White P-Touch Label Tape

Fully compatible with the Brother P-Touch Label Printing Machine series, this pack of eight laminated white label tape cassettes allow you to stock up on Brother labels at an affordable price point. With 8m of labels on each spool, these fade-resistant, water-resistant and damage-resistant labels are the ideal option for your shipping process.

Compatiblity for Brother P-Touch Label Printing Machines:
PT-210 PT-D200 PT-D210 PT-1890C PT-H100 PT-H105 PT-H110 PT-1280 PT-1180 PT-2030 PT-1880 PT-1290 PT-1090 PT-1800 PT-1010 PT-2730 PT-1890C PT-1090 PT-1290 PT-1010 PT-200 PT-1300 PT-1600 PT-9500PC PT-1090 PT-1000 PT-1700 PT-D210 PT-9600 PT-1230PC PT-1100 PT-1750 PT-2200 PT-H100 PT-1280 PT-1100SB PT-1800 PT-2210 PT-D200 PT-1290 PT-1120 PT-1810 PT-2300 PT-H300 PT-1830 PT-1130 PT-1900 PT-2310 PT-H300LI PT-1880 PT-1160 PT-1910 PT-2400 PT-H500LI PT-2100 PT-1170S PT-1950 PT-2410 PT-P700 PT-2110 PT-2030 PT-1200 PT-330 PT-2610PT PT-D400VP PT-2430PC ST-1150DX PT-520 PT-550 PT-P750W PT-2710 PT-18R PT-540 PT-3600 PT-D600 PT-2730 PT-300 PT-580C PT-9200DX PT-D600VP PT-2730VP PT-310 PT-1400 PT-9200PC PT-7100 GL-100 PT-320 PT-1500PC PT-9400 PT-7500 PT-7600 PT-9700PC PT-9800PCN PT-1180 PT-1960 PT-2500PC PT-D400 PT-2030AD PT-1190 ST-5 PT-2600 PT-D400AD

  • Model: AZe 231 Black Print on White Tape
  • Length: 8m (26.2ft)
  • Width: 12mm (1/2 inch)
  • Packing: AZe 231 x 8 PCS
  • 100% compatible for Brother P-touch label tapes 12mm laminated

$37.84inc. GST

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 8 cm


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