Tough Mailing Bags and Envelopes at Affordable Prices

Economical, all-purpose Kraft mailers for non-fragile items requiring tough, secure protection without cushioning. Heavy-duty, double-wall paper provides stiffness and protection against tearing and punctures. Double fold top and bottom provides excellent corner and edge protection Convenient self-seal closure together with tear-tape for easy opening.

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There’s nothing more frustrating than finding out the mailer you used to send your product or item didn’t survive its trip to the recipient. Whether from rough handling, accidents, or simple misfortune, many mailers or bags can become ripped or torn before they reach the end destination, potentially damaging the contents within. This is where a tough and reliable bag can save you the headache and added cost of replacing damaged products or resending items. Built to last, they will ensure your products are secured safely within.

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Stanley Packaging is Australia’s leading supplier of packing and packaging materials to industry, commerce and household. We ensure our own expenses are kept low by providing our products wholesale online, allowing us to pass those savings on to you so you pay less. We understand how important it is for businesses especially to keep within their budgets and watch their bottom line, which is why we are committed to offering our tough bags and other products, at competitive prices.

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All of our utility tough Envelopes are stocked in Victoria for fast delivery. The envelopes are designed to make soft or flat products closed tight in the envelope to ensure they fit within the standard post box slot. Our products are designed to meet under 20mm thickness target easier, while other soft normal paper envelopes or poly mailing bags will just ‘inflate’ with a soft item inside. If you are after a rigid hard mailer, this is not one. If you need something to send your flat or soft products, this is an ideal option for both cost and postage saving.

For any queries on our tough bags or other products, such as duct tape, and masking tapes, contact us today. You can call our team on (03) 8795 7876.