If you’re looking to add some serious sparkle to your packaging or want to add an extra finishing touch to your products, our range of high-quality glitter shaker jars are the ideal addition to your packaging routine. Available in a range of different colours to match your branding, our affordable glitter shakers are the finishing touch you’ve been looking to add to making your packages even more special.

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Available in a large 250g jar, each glitter is hand-selected by our Australian-owned team to suit the needs of our customers. Silvers, reds, golds, greens, and blues offer a wide range of different colourways, or each can be combined for multicolour glitter depending on your exact needs. To add that extra something to your packaging, these high-quality wholesale glitter shakers are the number one choice.

Add Some Sparkle with Glitter Shakers

If you want to stand out from the crowd, rainbow glitter shakers are one of the best options. An affordable alternative to confetti, and cheaper than branded colours, these glitter jars are practical for use across hundreds of different parcels or orders. With fine glitter that spreads easily, you don’t need much to make every single parcel sparkle that little bit more.

Combined with our die-cut boxes or other packaging, as well as colourful tissue paper and packaging materials, this glitter can be the perfect finishing touch. Whether it’s an addition for the festive season or a year-round touch of sparkle for every single order, small and large businesses alike can benefit from adding glitter to orders to make them even more special.

Buy Bulk Glitter Shakers from Stanley Packaging Today

If you’re considering glitter for your packaging, Stanley Packaging is the place to look. Our friendly support team is always ready to help, and with rapid dispatch and shipping, you can have your glitter shakers as quickly as possible. We only stock in bulk, which means you’re getting the best value for money with every product from our wide range. If you want to support a 100% Australian-owned business and access high-quality packaging supplies, Stanley Packaging is the place to be.