Ways to simplify your packing and moving

Moving should be exciting and fun! Not overwhelming. Today Stanley Packaging experts share the moving tips are sure to eliminate stress, allowing you to stay organized and under budget during your next move!

Moving can be an exciting time! However, along with the excitement of getting a new place, there is the stress that comes along with packing and relocating. Whether you are moving down the street, to a new neighborhood, or across the country, it is important to get things done efficiently.

Eliminate the Stress in Packaging Instructions

Use labelling – Label every box to facilitate a faster move. The labels could tell the moving company in which room the box should be placed upon arrival, and you should label special boxes with ‘fragile’ or ‘keep upright’ stickers where required.

Start early – Start packing days or even weeks ahead of time. Anything that is not needed on a day-to-day basis can be packed away and stored until the actual moving day. These items include clothing, books and other non-essentials.

Packing fragile items

When packing your fragile items, use anything soft around you such as blankets, stuffed animals, towels, and pillows for padding. You can even utilize socks as padding around the gaps in the boxes. Taping other breakables, like mirrors, will help absorb any shock and keep your belongings in tip-top shape. Place Styrofoam plates between your expensive, breakable plates; this is a cheap and easy way to ensure your plates don’t break while in transition!

Choosing and securing boxes – Choose the right sized cardboard boxes for each item to reduce breakage and damage. Load each box systematically by filling it first with heavy items and leaving lighter things for the top.

Avoid slips

Tracking in snow, sleet, dirt, and ice while you are moving into your new home can be dangerous! Avoid slips and keep your crew safe by keeping old rags and towels handy to wipe away the snow, dirt, and mud that gets tracked in. This can come in handy regardless of what season it is, but will be especially important if you are moving during the winter.

Keep the essentials on hand

You’ll want to make sure you keep any tools and essentials you deem necessary for the move within reaching distance. This can include a box cutter, paper towels, power strips, tool kit, eating utensils, toilet paper, and cookware. You’ll also want to make sure toiletries such as toothpaste, a toothbrush, and shampoo are nearby for the night. Using clear bins can help keep you organized and will allow you to see everything that is in the boxes for easy access!

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