Top 5 items you should use shrink wrap when moving

Figuring out how to pack your items can be difficult. Shrink wrap, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes and moving pads are known in the real estate industry as the best resources to help keep your items safe when moving. However, there are some instances where it’s best to use shrink wrap to protect your possessions.

5 Items You Must Use Shrink Wrap for Moving

Garage Items

packaging-shrink-wrap-filmIf you are making a long-distance move, you often don’t have the luxury of hauling things in separate loads. Because of this, your greasy and dirty garage items will need to be packed in the same truck as your finer interior decorations. Shrink wrapping these items will ensure that the grease and dirt is contained, and that it won’t contaminate your other items. Keep in mind that garage items are often oddly shaped. This may require substantially more shrink wrap than other pieces.

Picture Frames

Picture frames are another oddly shaped item can be difficult to pack. When packing picture frames with glass, reinforce the glass by creating an “x” with masking tape across it. Wrap with a layer of bubble wrap. With a layer of 25mm large sized bubble wrap in between, you can layer together them and encapsulate with shrink wrap for extra protection. Like shelves and rods, this helps keep the items together, which will make it easier on you when you unpack.