Tips for Buying Thermal Labels and Labelling System

Thermal Labels on Rolls for Thermal Printers

Thermal Labels on Rolls, white, uncoated thermal paper labels for printing on thermal or thermal transfer printers, with perforations between each label for easy separation. Ideal for shipping, address labelling and case labelling. Suitable for printing on certain Citizen, Datamax, Intermec, Sato, Toshiba Tec, TSC, and Zebra printers.

Direct thermal label materials
100x150mm 4x6 shipping labels

  • Direct thermal – thermal paper labels for short term use, very limited resistance to marking or smudging and contact should be avoided with moisture, oil and fats. These are ideal for shipping labels due to their cheap pricing.
  • Top coated direct thermal – offers a protective surface coat on one side ensuring the labels are durable against marking, resist fading in sunlight and are smudge-proof, solvent and grease resistant, a cheaper alternative than thermal transfer printing.

Labelling System & Thermal Labels Buying Tips

Tip 1. When choosing a label printing system, do not go with the first quote you get, call the supplier of
the system and ask them a few questions, as follows:

  • What AFTER SALES support do you give, is it free or Chargeable?
  • Why do you think this system is the best one for our application?
  • How often does the printer need Maintenance or Cleaning?
  • Is this the only system you recommend or do you have alternatives to offer?
  • Do you supply all the Consumables i.e. Labels, Ribbons, Cleaning items?
  • Do you have a 0800 FREE Number for technical assistance?
  • If the answer is NEVER GET OUT OF THERE QUICKLY!

Tip 2

  • Ask for label material samples, both plain and printed.
  • If the answer is Negative GET OUT OF THERE QUICKLY!

Tip 3

  • Always try to purchase the complete system (Printer, A4 Labels, Ribbons, Software and cleaning
    items) from one source. If you try to match all the components yourself, you are likely to have
    problems of some sort, and all of the suppliers will blame the suppliers of the other components
    for the problem.

Tip 4

  • DO NOT buy second hand label printers from Auction web sites.
    On most printers there is No Way of knowing how much the printer has been used and usually
    there is No Guarantee.

Tip 5

  • There is one way to guarantee getting a system to suit your application. Contact Stanley Packaging Experts Today @ (03) 8795 7876 or please send enquiry email to

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