Surprising Usages for Duct Sealing Tapes

Duct tape is one sturdy, reliable tape, originally called “duck tape” when it was first manufactured in early 20th century, has a number of great uses. Duct sealing tape is known for its versatility around the home and in many different situations. These are some of the surprising ways in which duct tape can be used.

Safely Remove Broken Windows
You’ve probably heard the one about taping a big “X” on windows to prevent them from breaking during a storm. That same principle applies when you’re removing an already broken window — carefully tape a big “X” onto the broken window to prevent shards from cutting you during the process.

Insulate Your Winter Boots. It always seems like, no matter how thick and cozy my shoes and socks are, my feet are still freezing in the winter. Add some extra protection by lining the insides of your boots with duct tape, silver side up.

Get Rid of Warts. Though it may sound crazy, duct tape is actually very helpful –and doctor approved — for removing warts. Keep a piece of tape on your wart for about a week. Then, remove the tape, soak the area in warm water, rinse, and air dry. It really works!

Easily Organize Your Pantry. Place a strip of duct tape onto jars and write on them with sharpie to note what they are. You can organize kitchen cupboards this way, too, by sectioning off different shelves with duct tape labels.

Remove Tape Residue. Want to get rid of that tape residue? The answer to your problem is, amazingly enough, tape! Place duct tape over the affected area and remove. Easy!

Safely Dispose of Knives. Kitchen knives don’t last forever. If you’re going to donate them or throw them out, carefully wrap the edges with duct tape before wrapping in bubble wrap. The workers or volunteers will thank you, and the knives won’t rip up trash bags.

Quick Fix a Screen. Cover a tear in a window or door screen with duct tape.

Repair Trash Cans. No need to toss out that cracked trash can — simply mend the cracks with some duct tape.

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