Self adhesive label stickers to print on, supplied in A4 sheets

Sticky labels in A4 Sheets

A4 Labels has a wide range of blank labels to print on using inkjet & laser printers or photocopiers.

Label stickers to print on, supplied in A4 sheets

A4 White Glossy Self Adhesive Labels
Stanley Packaging specialising in laser labels and inkjet labels, we supply wide ranges of popular white address labels in many sizes. Buy your address labels online, all our blank adhesive labels are available in 100 sheet boxes.

Specifications of Self-adhesive Matte Coated inkjet photo paper

1) Super glue sticker at the back side of the paper
2) Photo quality , waterproof , instant dry , up to 5760 dpi

3) Brilliant color images and bright white paper

4) Perfect color perspective and expression
5) Used for advertising , posters, office documents, photo sticker and so on
6) Perfect for home, office and commercial using
7) Suitable for both dye and pigment water base ink