Postal Courier Satchel Bags – Huge Variety Available Online

Postal Courier Bags- sometimes also referred to as poly mailers or air satchels. These are good for sending any range of items, ozpacking use these very bags in our own Melbourne warehouse so you can be assured they are of the highest quality, and are reliable. Coming in 9 different sizes as well they will suit whatever it is you are intending to send around Australia.

Stanley Packaging have a huge variety of different courier bags you can use to send your products that your company sells or just general items you need to transport around Australia or New Zealand.

Mail Pack Bags: Paper on the outside, bubble wrap on the inside, an economical option, and good for transporting anything that is more fragile.

Stanley Packaging’s courier satchel bags are made of durable plastic that helps to protect your parcel from dust, rain and pollution. When courier bags are used in conjuction with bubble wrap they offer extra security and protection of fragile items.

How to choose what type of courier bags to use?

650mm x 750mm Poly Mailing Satchels
Firstly determine if the item you are mailing is fragile.  If it is, you will need  a mailer that has some padding whether that be bubblewrap or shredded paper.  Courier bags or air satchels can still be utilised however you would need to protect your item with a bubblebag,  tissue paper or newsprint paper to pad the delicate item.

What can’t I send in Courier Satchel Bags?

None of these bags are suitable for despatching any type of liquid.