Pallet wrap knowledge base and FAQ

Pallet wrap is an important packaging product vastly aiding the distribution industry, widely used amongst many large businesses for the distribution and transportation of large quantities of products. Pallet wrap is used to hold these items together on a pallet in a secure and efficient manner. Its main objective is to keep these products together and to protect them from being damaged or contaminated during transportation or storage. The film itself comes in different types such as coloured, anti static, vented and UV.

The benefits of using opaque pallet wrapping

Many people believe that opaque pallet wrap is more beneficial than clear stretch film. It does offer more advantages such as deterring thieves and thefts of products by concealing what products are being shipped. It also protects from UV rays which is ideal if your products are exposed to sunlight. In addition to this it prevents damage caused by exposure to the elements such as rain, dew and dust if the products are to be stored outside. In comparison to standard pallet wrap it often outlasts and keeps working when used for extended periods outside. It can also be easily colour coded making identification and labelling of products easier for warehouse staff.

What sized pallet wrap should I use

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Different sized products, pallet wraps and items will all require a different amount thickness and width of film. Many companies offer a detailed inventory with the list of thicknesses and widths and what they can be used for.

Is UV Pallet Wrap necessary for shipping products

If you are considering storing any products you are shipping outdoors for longer than 60 days then it is best to use UV film. This type of pallet wrap can extend the life of the stretch film especially when stored directly in the sun. If you wish to increase the life of your pallet wrap further use opaque UV pallet wrap.

Pallet wraps has proven to be a popular choice amongst bushiness for the shipping of large volumes of goods. It provides them with the peace of mind of knowing that valuable products are safe and secure. Stanley Packaging can offer tech advices on pallet wrap and the necessary equipment. To learn more please keep in touch and follow our blog.

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