Pallet Hand Stretch Wrap Usage Tips

Hand stretch film is an economical when shipping your products on pallets. Hand stretch wrap is commonly used to unitize pallets, and we offer hand grade cast stretch film for many applications.

Hand stretch wrap is commonly used to unitize pallet loads, but also may be used for wrapping smaller items together. Clear residue-free cast hand stretch film stretches up to 100%, which contributes to its excellent resistance against tearing. The easy to use roll increases efficiency when used with a hand-held dispenser.

Hand-Held Stretch Wrap

  • Choose from 12″ to 18″ widths and 40 – 120 gauge film thickness
  • Prevents breakage and shifting of palletized loads
  • Cast “quiet release” film

Stretch Films – Hand Rolls

The best selling stretch film. Good quality for the lowest price!

Pallet Wrap Black Hand Stretch Film
Stanley Packaging selected this film for its high quality characteristics: not 1 but 3 co-extruded cast layers provide minimum width reduction when stretched. Excellent cling and toughness.

SUPERIOR CLING: ensures loads are safe and stable.

HIGH QUALITY: Easy release – Saves time and energy.

CLEAR: High clarity makes it easy to read\scan through.

QUIET: Our stretch film is smooth and quiet in use.