How to use bubble wrap as insulation for windows

Any tip for packing anything will include using bubble wrap. Bubble pack is an excellent cushion for many things, including old windows. Bubble wrap rolls is very easy to install on the windows and only took a few minutes. The depth of the bubbles is similar to the pocket of air between the panes of my energy efficient windows.

All you need is a spray bottle of water, sealed air bubble wraps, scissors and possibly packing tape when you need to Bubble Wrap your old Windows.

Using Bubble Wrap as Insulation for Old Windows Instructions

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1. Spray a mist of water over the inside of clean window.

2. Apply a sheet of bubble wrap squishy side to glass.  Trim off excess wrap with sharp scissors or utility knife.

3. If your wrap isn’t wide enough add another row, right up against the first and seal the seam with clear packing tape.

Packing Note: Sealing edges with tape may improve results, but is likely to lift paint when removed, so we would avoid this unless you plan to repaint or replace windows in the spring.

Bubble Wrapping Really Insulate Windows

Stanley Packaging experts can feel a noticeable difference in heat loss, after applying the bubble wrap. There is very little reduction in the amount of light coming through, and with window treatments over it, it is completely unnoticeable. Removal in spring will be as simple as peeling it off.