How to select the right size bubble wrap for packing

Protective Bubble Wrap Packaging protect your belongings from damage during transport and storage. Bubble Wraps are ideal for larger delicates such as electrical appliances.

Selecting the right size of bubble wrap for products packaging guide

Bubble wrap
is a great way to protect your products from damage while they’re in storage or transit. It’s lightweight, shock absorbent and abrasion resistant, so you can store and transport products with ease. And because our in-house experts are on-hand to help, you can order with confidence, knowing you’ve chosen the right bubble wrap packaging for your products and your business.

When packing fragile or valuable belongings for transport, air cellular cushioning material, commonly referred to as bubble wrap packaging, provides superior protection. Its shock-absorbing properties safeguards possessions, keeping them from damage.

Choosing the right size product depends on your packing and shipping needs. The smaller bubble configurations are used to protect smaller, lighter, and more fragile items. As the size and weight of the objects being shipped increases, bubble size should increase as well.

Stanley Packaging also provide bubble wraps in an anti-static form to protect electronic equipment. It is available with an adhesive backing and with insulating properties. Additionally, it is assigned different strength ratings for the different demands imposed for protection during shipping. An informed vendor can help you determine which size is best for your needs.

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