How to Make Packing and Moving Your Bedroom Easy

Please remember start by sorting and packing the least used bedrooms first when moving the bedrooms, such as guest rooms or spare rooms. These rooms can also be the place to store packed boxes and dismantled furniture. Today Stanley Packaging experts share some essential tricks to make packing and moving your bedroom easy.

1. Tackle and Pack Shoes

Shoes can be left in their boxes then placed in a medium-sized box. Or, if you no longer have the individual boxes, wrap each shoe in plain newsprint paper then wrap each pair together. Place them in the same box and label. Don’t pack anything heavy on top of shoes. Pillows, soft blankets or other light clothing could be used to top off the box.

2. Pack Bedding, Linens and Pillows

Pack linens, sheets and pillows in a clear plastic garbage bag – the kind used for leaves. It’s a great way to easily identify which bedroom the bag belongs to. Also, it provides a nice cushion for stuffing into odd spaces on the truck. Just make sure the bag is sealed.

3. Window Treatments, Drapes, Curtains and Blinds

To keep drapes, curtains and especially blinds wrinkle and tangle-free, hang them in a wardrobe box along with any clothing from the closet. If you don’t have a wardrobe box, simply, fold the drapery in plain paper then pack them in a medium-sized cardboard box.

4. Get Every Family Member to Sort, Select and Simplify

Each member of the family can help pack their own rooms. Kids can help by sorting out their closets, toy bins and dressers, making piles of what to keep and what to donate or sell. Also have children decide what they want to move with them in theiressentials box. It’s a good idea to have children decorate their own essentials box, explaining to them that this box can contain things they’ll need during the trip and for the first night in the new home.

5. How to Pack Jewelry

Keep jewelry in a secure box, then place in your valuable box that you can take with you when you move. The valuable box should be small enough to carry with you. Don’t pack valuables on the moving van. In fact, most moving companies will not move valuables without enough insurance.

6. Pack Mirrors, Pictures and Frames

Go to the step-by-step guide to packing pictures and frames. Mirrors should be packed in special cartons that can be purchased from your moving company or a moving/box store. Make sure the box will carry the weight of the mirror; if not, ask your mover about having the mirror crated.

7. Get Furniture Ready to Move

Check out the step-by-step guide to packing furniture. Mattresses should be wrapped in a mattress bag and box (purchase from your mover or moving store) and stored against a wall.

Dresser drawers can either be emptied or left and sealed closed. Just make sure it’s light enough for two people to carry and move. Pack items on top of dressers in tissue and place in a small box. If there are any liquids, pack these items with the bathroom box or carefully pack it in Bubble Wrap Roll 10mm Bubbles and label the box “fragile”.

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