How to get the most protection from bubble wrap packaging

Bubble wrap is one of the most useful packaging products ever invented.  It cushions delicate objects perfectly, wraps well, and secures easily with a little tape.  However, like the old saying goes, “there’s a right and a wrong way to do everything.”  Today OZPacking Packaging Supplies Experts share some tips about how to use packing bubble wrap to protect your stuff.

Pre-Wrap Some Items

bubble-wrap-packingSometimes little dots of plastic can get stuck on items secured in bubble wrap.  They come from the edges of the bubbles themselves.  This is especially true if the package is exposed to sunlight or other heat sources.  This is almost always harmless and can be wiped away with a damp rag.  However, if it concerns you at all, then put the item in a small paper or plastic bag first before you use the bubble wrap.

Use Envelopes for Flat Things

Books, CDs, etc. fit well into envelopes padded with bubble wrap, which are easy to seal as well as open later on.  So use them when you can; the job will go much easier and faster.

Tape All Sides

Some folks wrap their stuff correctly, but attach tape only along the edge where they cut the packaging materials.  This leaves the object vulnerable to slipping out of the top or bottom.  So secure those as well when wrapping an item.

Inside or Out?

This seems to be the question most people ask about bubble wrap.  Should the little bubbles be on the inside or out?  While some may disagree, the consensus is that they should definitely face inward.  This is true for several reasons, the primary one being that the purpose of the bubbles is to hold the item in place and cushion it from any bouncing or jarring.  They can only do this if they are touching the thing that needs protection.  So turn them inside for best results.

Label the Outside

bubble-wrapBubble wrap is hard to see through, especially when there are multiple layers of it around an item.  This can make it hard to figure out what something is when you’re unpacking. Make it easier on yourself by labeling the outside of the wrap.  A short strip of white masking tape with the name scribbled on it works great for this purpose.

Don’t Rely on Bubble Wrap Packing Alone

When putting your stuff in a shipping box, don’t expect bubble wrap to protect it all by itself.  Add some cushioning in the form of packing peanuts, wads of newspapers, or even clothing.  Then shut the top and try shaking the container.  If the things inside move around, you haven’t used enough padding, so add more.

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