How to find the best packaging produtcts supplier

Packaging supplies can be purchased from retailers, wholesalers and online shopping store, but how do you know how to choose the best packaging products supplier for your packing needs? Today OZpacking experts share the tips on find the right supplier.

Australia Packaging Products Wholesaler

australia-packaging-supplies-wholesalerPersonally I don’t think you can go past the old school method of picking up the phone and speaking to a packaging supplies wholesaler. There will be minimum order values to spend, but there’s likely to be better price points available.

Even if its a private sale, and you’re moving house or office, you will see yourself in a better position calling a wholesaler.

It doesn’t take much to get to that amount and you’ll be getting more packaging products for your money.

Online Packaging Supplies Shopping Store

Online is brilliant for researching products and gauging a price point. But more importantly, if you’re time poor and find yourself looking for suppliers after hours, then an online shop is the way to go. The down sides of buying online would be price and delivery. You may not get the best market price by selecting an online option, if a supplier talks to you, understands your overall volume and needs, then you have a better chance of negotiating a price.

Before you find all your products and add them to a shopping cart, check out the delivery fee. It might also be worth seeing if they’re in your state. You may find free delivery options in your own city when you reach a certain dollar value order. Furthermore, you could also get an option to collect the goods direct.

Australia Local Packaging Supplies Retailer

Buying retail means you can have what you need there and then, off the shelf when you need it. But you will pay a premium for the privilege. If your volume is fairly small and buying in bulk isn’t of interest then retail should be an option to consider.

Explore all of your options and look into things ahead of time so that you avoid being cornered into paying a premium for something that can be bought at a budget rate. Please feel free to get in touch with Stanley Packaging experienced team, we’re always happy to take your call to hear about what you need to pack and send. Call Us @ (03) 8795 7876

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