How Can Stanley Packaging Offer Competitive Bubble Wrap Low Prices

Bubble Wrap Melbourne – Bubble wrap is lightweight Great for void fill and protects & cushions fragile items and prevents breakage. Stanley Packaging can also custom make bubble film and can perforate to your desired length. 10mm bubble & 20mm bubble wrap is available and Antistatic bubble wrap for electronics items packaging needs.
Question: Recently several customers asked us how we can offer such low prices on bubble wraps, while still maintaining excellent quality.

Answer: Stanley Packaging established OZpacking because we were sick of paying too much for bubble wrap and other packaging products when we do laptop batteries business on eBay. Let me explain the structure of the Melbourne bubble wrap market.  For years there has been only one manufacturer of bubblewrap in Melbourne. They only sell through selected packaging distributors.  Even if you use 1000 rolls of bubble wraps a year, you cannot buy directly from the manufacturer.

There was almost no competition in this market, so the manufacturer could charge their wholesalers whatever price they wanted. The wholesalers then added their profit margin and onsold the bubble wrap rolls to the end users. The problem with this arrangement is you end up paying far too much.

Stanley Packaging decided to sell direct to Australia end users and eBay vendors. This effectively cuts our the middleman. In fact, our prices are so good that you in many instances, you can buy bulk rolls of bubble wraps for less than what most packaging distributors are paying from BubblePack!

Our bubblewrap is made in Melbourne, using Australian-made raw materials. Our stringent quality standards guarantee that you are getting a premium product at an absolute bargain.
OZpacking challenge you to compare our prices with any other packaging company in Melbourne, and you will find that we can’t be beaten.

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