Gift Wrapping Tips: Bubble wrap makes a great source for gift wrapping

Gadgets like laptops, tablet PCs and smartphones are very popular gift ideas. You can prevent costly damages and returns when shipping electronic devices by packing carefully and correctly. Today Stanley Packaging wrapping experts share the tips to keep in mind when you ship your high-tech gifts.

Tech tips to ship your high-tech gifts

Choose the Correct Packing Method and Packaging Materials

The double boxing method is a great way to ship fragile items like electronics. Simply put, a double box is a box within a box. This keeps the item away from the container’s outer walls to minimize impacts. In addition, the layers of padding inside each box help absorb vibrations from bumps or jostling. Learn More About the Double Boxing Method If the electronic device you’re shipping is still in its original retail box, and it doesn’t shift around when you move the box in your hands, the retail packaging can serve as your inner container. Otherwise, find a sturdy box about six inches larger than your device in height, length, and width. Wrap the item in several layers of bubble wrap and set it inside the box with at least two inches of padding on all six sides. Pack the box as tight as you can with bubble wrap, foam inserts, or tightly-wadded kraft paper. Seal the box with packing tape. Now cover your inner box in more bubble wrap and seal that box inside another container, again with two inches or more of padding on all sides.

Protect Batteries from Static Electricity and Heat

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery cells power most high-tech devices–store a lot more power than typical dry cells. Because of this, shipping electronics requires extra precautions.

Air transit in particular brings air-pressure and temperature changes causing build-ups in static electricity. A high-powered device like a laptop can create a lot of heat in a closed container if accidentally powered on in transit. Enough static electricity or several hours of extreme heat can cause a lithium battery-powered device to short-circuit, smolder, or even set fire.

But today’s global trade means that a gadget may ship halfway around the world before reaching stores, so retail packaging addresses these issues for you. Strict international safety regulations govern the retail packaging of lithium hp 484170-001 battery-powered devices, so it’s best to leave your gift unopened in the manufacturer’s original packaging when you pack it in your shipping box. If you need to pre-program your present before sending it, pay close attention to how the device is packaged when you remove it. Repack the same way and with the same materials as originally packaged, and be sure the device’s power is off before it goes back in the box.

If you don’t have retail packaging to work with, the most important things to ensure are that Toshiba PA3534U-1BAS Battery terminals are not exposed and that power buttons can’t be turned on. Electronics are designed to keep batteries grounded when attached, so don’t disconnect removable batteries. Cover or secure power buttons with electrical tape or cardboard, and place the device inside a plastic bag to insulate it from static electricity.

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