Fun and practical use for bubble wrap cushioning

Bubble wrap or bubble sheeting, call it what you will you’ll still love squeezing it! The bubble wrap diameter is 10mm and the rolls are 100m long.


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Practical and fun uses for bubble wrap cushioning

  • Use as a temporary air cast to support a sprained ankle or wrist.
  • Placing the bubble-side down, make coasters or placemats using Bubble Wrap.
  • Protect wrists when typing by folding or rolling a sheet of Bubble Wrap to use as a keyboard cushion.
  • Line boots or use as a shoe protector when it’s cold or wet outside. It will keep your feet warm and dry.
  • Design an out-of-the ordinary pencil case or makeup bag or purse using Bubble Wrap and Stanley Packaging duct tape.
  • Make a kite using Bubble Wrap, duct tape, balsa wood and string. The Bubble Wrap’s cushioning feature will come in handy when the kite falls out of the sky and hits the ground.
  • Protect kids’ textbooks and laptop computer with an original cover made of Bubble Wrap. When it’s time to turn them back in, they’ll be just like new!
  • Add a little comfort to a long plane ride with a pillow made with Bubble Wrap cushioning and duct tape.
  • Tired of fumbling around with tissue paper or wrapping paper? Use Bubble Wrap to wrap presents or as the “filling” in a gift bag. With enough layers, the recipient will never be able to tell what’s under the wrapping.

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