tips for proper usage of bubble wraps
Essential tips for proper usage of bubble wraps

Bubble Wrap is an exceptionally flexible protective material that is great as a cushioning material, void fill or even surface protection. It is the ultimate in fragile protection. Bubble wraps are great for wrapping glassware, picture frames, mirrors, electronics, and collectables. Before packing, just wrap items using the bubble wraps. For added protection, the items can be wrapped more than once.

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Helpful tips for proper usage of bubble wraps

  • One should ensure that there is at least 2 inches of bubble padding between the product and wall of the box.
  • To avoid the packaged article from moving when it is shaken, enough bubble wrap or any other void fill substance should also be used.
  • Make sure to use enough wrap to eliminate movement of the packaged item when you shake the box. When you are done packaging your product, shake it. If you feel the product moving, you need to add more packaging material.
  • when you are using Bubble Wrap as a cushioning material, make sure to use enough bubble wraps so that all sides and corners are protected.

Packaging Bubble Wraps are used to protect fragile and precious items and can be found in different sizes. Depending on the size of the items to be packed and the level of cushioning protection that is needed. They vary from as small as 1/4 inch in diameter, to as large as an inch or more, in order to absorb high levels of shock during moving. Also, the plastic material itself can offer some forms of protection for the object in question. For example, when shipping sensitive electronic parts and components, a type of bubble wrap is used that employs an anti-static plastic that dissipates static charges to protect the sensitive electronic chips from static which can damage them.

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