Essential Products Packing Tips For Packaging

Packaging supplies is responsible for bringing appeal and individuality to the products consumers choose on a daily basis. Today OZPacking experts share essential product packaging tips for packaging, and packaging labels that will make you stand out from the competition.

Simplicity is Key

Some of the most effective custom product labels in all of history lend their success to their simplicity in design. Take Coca-Cola’s food product labels, for example. With a simple color scheme of red and white and minimal wording, the product has become an iconic brand that essentially sells itself at this point. Simplicity alludes to a more natural and organic state, and consumers are automatically attracted to the “authentic.” Simplicity also means being straightforward with the consumer as to what the product is all about. This is achieved through effective commercial labeling.

Think Outside of the Cardboard Box

Don’t be afraid to present your product packaging in creative and innovative ways. Utilize different materials for your packaging labels that will make your items appealing and unexpected. For example, packaging wine bottles in shrink sleeves, a polymer plastic overwrap sleeve, is an effective way to add creative pizzazz to any bottle of wine to help it effectively stand out from its competitors.

Know Basic Needs

The first step to creating appealing custom product labeling is understanding the consumers who will be buying the product. The first place to look for that answer is inward. When you are drawn to product packaging, what do you like to see? More often than not, the answer to that question is convenience and simplicity. Are the product packaging labels clearly labeled and does it clearly demonstrate what’s inside? Is the product easy to open? It is recyclable? In summation, while product packaging should be visually appealing, the goal, first and foremost, is to create a package design with the consumer’s basic wants and needs in mind.

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