Essential Pallet Wrap Tips for a Smarter Warehouse

Stretch wrapping is a packaging technique used throughout the industry to secure items to a pallet for transportation.  This technique is especially useful when there are multiple boxes or products to be transported via a pallet.

Stanley Packaging experts know how to use products to help make your work place run smarter, faster & cheaper, today share Warehousing Made Easy series rules features the ever essential Pallet Wrap.

1. Use a Top Sheet

Pallet Wraps Supplier Australia
Save time every pallet by using a top sheet.
 A top sheet quickly protects your pallet top from water entry and stops time consuming, awkward attempts at wrapping over the top edge of a pallet. Top sheets are a simple, tear off, solution to an awkward and ineffective wrapping situation. Available in black or clear film.

2. Use the right wrap for the job

Wrapping a pallet correctly is a more significant task than it may seem. It is an investment in your warehouse labour’s time, it secures your valuable Dell xps m1530 battery for travel or storage and plays a vital role in the safety of your workplace’s storage.

3. Consider use pallet wrap machine

If you are wrapping over 15 pallets a day by hand, then the time has come to consider machinery.

There are huge cost savings on warehouse labour with new sensor technology enabling the operator to walk away to get the next pallet whilst one is being perfectly wrapped by the machine!  In addition,  pallets will be wrapped with perfect tension and consistency so you can manage your expenses on pallet wrap, and have a safe, consistent product for delivery to your clients too. For many organisations, the pallet wrap machine will pay itself off within 6 months, and reliably reap savings for years to come.


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