Essential packaging tips for a one-week trip

Packaging for a one week or longer trips is never easy especially if you want to pack light. If it’s your first time traveling or you want to brush up on your travel skills, please follow the packing tips shared by OZPacking experts that will help you plan your travel wardrobe so you can pack the right clothing and still travel carry-on only.

Packing for a one-week trips Tricks

1. Plan a Capsule Wardrobe

10 pieces of clothing is all you need for a 1 week or even a 1 month trip. By carefully selecting basics in neutral colors and ensuring that all items can mix and match, you can make over 3 weeks’ worth of outfits with just 10 pieces of clothing.

2. Downsize Travel-size Toiletries

travel-packing-tips-by-aussiebattFor a one-week trip, avoid using travel size 3oz bottles and pack only the exact amounts that you will need. Using smaller toiletry containers such as contact lens cases you can pack more of what you need in smaller quantities.

3. Packing essentials

If you are only spending a short amount of time in cold weather or if you’re unsure if you will encounter cold weather on your trip, pack only the essentials: two outerwear Plus two additional items: long sleeve top and leggings.

4. Packing Organizers

Packing cubes are the number one trick to fitting your clothing into one carry-on suitcase. It’s surprising how much you can cram into these space saving items.

5. Stylish Travel Accessories

Use the lazy girl’s guide to travel style and let your travel accessories do the hard work for you. Pack key items that will add instant style to any wardrobe without taking up much space: fedora or knit hat, woven belt, Courier Mailing Satchelsprinted scarf, classic jewelry set, statement shoes, and a leather camel color handbag.

6. Carry-on Luggage

This may sounds like an obvious tip but the reality is that the more space you have the more items you will want to pack. I’ts too tempting to fill up empty space so limit yourself by purchasing a carry-on that will force you to pack less.

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