Essential Factors To Consider Before Buying Void Fill

It has never been more important for companies to be frugal with business costs. It doesn’t matter whether you are a large manufacturer or a small business – cost matters, and it matters more now than ever. At Stanley Packaging, providing the best Void Fill solutions at the lowest cost is our priority.

Void fill, Enviro fill packaging peanuts, air pillows, air cushions, fill pack, fill air, Green Pack , flu-pak, Eco-fill, Mic Pac, Bio Fill – these are all terms for products that seek to protect goods from damage by “cushioning” impact during transportation.

Some Key Factors To Consider When Purchase Void Fill

• Void in cartons – Your cartons should be strong enough to prevent crushing in transit. The amount of ‘void’ or ‘air gaps’ sufficient to allow some impact movement and  cushioning but not too tight that the impact shocks cause damage.

• The Cost of your product – Superior void products are more expensive. So the void product that you might use for a $5.00 product may differ from that of $250.00  product.

400 Litre Void Fill Foam Peanuts Packing Nuts
• Easy of dispensing –
 There are now many “automatic” dispensing systems available that offer savings in time, efficiency and space to medium to large volume users.

• Memory – Some void materials are not resilient, so when a sharp cut breaks “the seal”, the protective value of the material is less. For example “the bubble” deflates  and your Asus A32-F80 laptop battery gets damaged.

• The potential for product migration – Some products have good ‘interlock’ so that over the transport journey, products remain “encapsulated” and don’t shift to the  bottom of the carton where damage may happen.

• Product storage – Some void products require lots of space in your warehouse or may possibly attract vermin or insects.

• Product presentation – Sometimes certified ‘eco-friendly’ void products may be a good choice or the case of cheap inexpensive goods, Styrofoam chips may suffice.