eBay items packaging rules and tips for safe shipment

In eBay trading, shipping is only half the seller’s remaining battle in closing the deal. Packaging is the other half and too often ignored or not taken seriously. To make sure your item arrives in one piece, today OZPacking experts share the tips and rules about how to pack eBay items well for safe shipment. As an eBay or Amazon seller concerned with the customer services you provide, you should know them well.

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Pack an eBay Item Well for Safe Shipment Tricks

When packaging an eBay purchase item for shipment to a customer, you should always live by following rules:

Use foam filler for secondary protection.Fill all empty space in the box with peanut foam—if possible, the environmentally sound foam made of vegetable matter, or pink anti-static peanut foam if you are shipping an electronic item.

Use proper packing tape. Use the clear plastic shipper’s tape or packaging tape in large quantities. Don’t use other varieties, and don’t skimp.

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Use a large enough cardboard box for your item to be protected. Select a box large enough to allow for two inches of packing material on all sides of the item.

Use bubble wrap for primary protection.Wrap the item in at least one layer of bubble wrap, large or small, with bubbles intact, using the pink anti-static type bubble wrap if you are shipping an electronic item.

Affix the address permanently. Clearly address your package using a printed adhesive shipping label or a permanent marker.

Choose clean, strong boxes. Useunmarked cardboard boxes whose listed burst strength (found on the bottom of any good box) is greater than the weight of the item it will hold.