Easy packing tips for airline travel

Complete Packing Tricks for Airline Travel

Think Ahead

Just because you can buy things you’ve forgotten when you’re away, doesn’t mean it’s going to be cheap. Things like sunblock and baby formula can be extremely expensive at a resort area so be sure to think ahead to your needs and pack it in your checked luggage.

Think about Colour Schemes

airline-travel-packing-tips-battaussieHot pink is my power colour. So when I pack, just about everything is worked around that colour. Therefore I don’t pack my neon yellow shorts if you see what I’m saying. Take a hard look at what you’re bringing. If you have one outfit that needs a different pair of shoes than all the other outfits or can’t be paired with anything else you’re bringing, consider leaving it behind.

Watch the Liquids You Pack

First and foremost, leave the shampoo and conditioner at home. Unless you have some seriously special hair products, there is no need to cart that with you. I haven’t been to a resort yet that didn’t have complimentary shampoo, conditioner and soap in the room. If you do insist on bringing it, make sure it’s wrapped tightly in a waterproof bag and it’s safely stowed in the luggage you’re checking or you’ll lost it at security. Make sure that anything you plan to carry on the plane with you does not exceed 100 ml combined and that it is contained in one ziplock plastic bag. I always make sure I have three items on me for the plane; hand sanitizer, face spray and hand lotion.

Avoid panic packing

Obviously this tops the list. There is no way you can think straight when you are stressing about getting a little sleep before your 6am flight or trying to find your favourite shirt two hours before departure. Panic causes over packing and not only can this be expensive on some airlines, it’s also a major inconvenience to you. Lists are your friends. When I have extra moments of clarity, I like to do up a mock itinerary for the week and write down what I could wear to each event.

Make Sure the Things You Can’t Replace Easily Are Always With You

Whenever we leave the house for a trip, we always stop in the driveway while I triple check that I have our passports and our medication in my purse. If I forgot to pack anything else I could easily replace it with a credit card when we arrived at our destination, but things like passports, medication, contact lenses and eyeglasses are not easily replaced. Keep them on your person at all times while travelling so you never have to worry about it.

Weight Matters

Pick up a luggage scale to avoid extra costs at the airport. Also take a hard look at your luggage. If it’s old, it’s probably heavy. Consider investing in ultra light luggage. Make sure you bring a tape measure with you and double check the dimensions of your carry on to size dimensions on your carrier’s website.

Take Versatile Outfits to Reduce Weight

I love outfits that can be worn many ways. Anything reversible for the kids is a major win in my book—one item, two looks. I’m also really loving the 4-in-1 dresses currently available at stores like The instrumentdevices. These can be worn as a maxi skirt, a shorter skirt when rolled at the waist or pulled higher for a strapless dress. Super smart.

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