Cost-saving tips on how to save money on packing and moving supplies

Moving is expensive so if you are planning a move, saving money on things like packing and moving supplies is a must since there are certain features of a move that will require money and things that you can’t necessary cutback. Today Stanley Packaging experts come up with a few cost-saving tricks on how to save money on all the stuff you need to pack up your home.

Used Boxes

money-saving-tips-on-moving-aussiepackingWine and liquor boxes are great using for a move, particularly to pack books. Most wine or liquor stores will give them to you if you ask.

Since they’re just the perfect size for packing smaller items and heavier things, like books, you’ll find that the boxes can never be over-packed so they’re always easy to manage. Just make sure the boxes are clean and strong, with no soft sides.

Rent Plastic Containers

If you don’t want to purchase plastic containers, there are lots of companies who’ll rent them to you for a fee.

Linens, Clothing  and Plastic Bags

OZPacking experts are not a fan of bubble wrap and packing peanuts since neither are recyclable and both seem like a waste of money to purchase. Instead, We use pillows, linens, towels, clothing and grocery bags to wrap fragile items, especially if we have a short move and can be assured that the boxes will be handled carefully. If you use this method, we recommend marking the boxes well so that the movers know what’s inside or if you’re moving yourself, keep the fragile boxes in your car so that you can keep an eye on them.

Garbage Bags

While we are not a fan of using garbage bags, simply because they tend to rip easily, they do work well for moving clothing and bedding. And if you purchase the clear garbage bags, you can actually see what’s packed inside. This can make it a lot easier to sort which room the bags belong in.

Other Packing Supplies

If you have friends or family who’ve moved recently, ask them for any leftover supplies. If you have to purchase packing supplies, check out some of the cheaper options like dollar stores or discount chains. You can usually find packing tape, markers and sometimes even new boxes.

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