Buy Bubble Padded Envelopes Tips

Many things fit inside padded envelopes. Important documents, clothing, and other large items are just some of them. Small items such as gadgets, CDs, DVDs, small books, promotional materials, jewellery, and small gifts can also be placed inside small padded envelopes. This type of envelope is designed to protect as the inside is layered with bubble wrap or recycled fibres to ensure that the item or items inside the envelope is protected by a cushion.

Bubble Padded Envelopes
Buyers can easily distinguish a padded envelope from a regular envelope because the former is bulky. There are padded envelopes that come with printed text and lines for the information of the sender and the receiver of the item. As mentioned, there are different sizes of padded envelopes. They can come in regular, large, extra-large, and medium sizes.

Buying Guide for Kraft Bubble Padded Envelopes

To ensure that the right small padded envelope is bought, buyers should know how one small padded envelope is different from another. There are a number of things to consider when buying small padded envelopes.

Padded Envelopes Size

Although when hearing “small padded envelope”, one can assume that it comes in one size, it is not wholly so. Small padded envelopes can further be categorised into different sizes to fit certain items. The table below shows the common size options for  small Bubble Padded Bag Mailer Envelope 120mm x 180mm.

Cushion or Padding

Small padded envelopes always have an interior cushion to protect the contents from the hazards of shipping. Inside the envelope of this type is a bubble wrap or thin layer of plastic with raised trapped air or raised pockets. The trapped air ensures that the contents of the envelope do not squish or deform even when the envelope is packed in between other packages.

Padded envelopes with a bubble wrap inside are common. However, there are padded envelopes that have recycled fibres as a protective padding. Such padding looks like shredded cotton or macerated newspaper lumped together to form a protective cushion for the contents of the envelope.


The seam of the envelope must also be considered because it ensures that the sides and the bottom of the envelope do not pop open. This is especially important when the envelope is overstuffed. Regular mails do not have well-protected sides and bottom as much as padded envelopes.


The type of seal is an essential consideration when buying Bubble Padded Bags. No matter how protective the cushion of a padded envelope, if the seal is weak, the contents inside can easily slip out and become damaged. Most padded envelopes have a flap and seal function. A strip on the flap of the envelope contains strong adhesive that sticks to the front part of the envelope to seal. Self-seal padded envelopes are a standard for this category of envelopes.

Adherence to Ink and Label

It is always necessary to put information, such as name and address of the sender and the receiver, on small padded envelopes in order for it to be shipped. So it is crucial that the surface of the envelope adheres easily to ink. There are types of paper or material on which ink that is applied can easily smudge or wipe away. The scenario can prove to be catastrophic because mail would not be delivered if the address information is no longer readable. In addition, the surface of small padded envelopes should also easily adhere to labels because it could be necessary to slap one onto the envelope.