Bubble Wrap owner Sealed Air buying French packaging machinery

Sealed Air has been a licensee of B+ Equipment’s I-Pack automated packaging system for years. Now gets French packaging machinery company B+ Equipment for an undisclosed fee. B+ Equipment designs, manufactures and services automated packaging equipment for order fulfillment operations. The acquisition includes B+’s proprietary flagship I-Pack system and the newly introduced e-Cube system, both of which provide intelligent, high-velocity fulfillment – which is especially impactful in the area of e-commerce.

packing-materials-supplierThe B+ Equipment acquisition includes that company’s flagship I-Pack system and new e-Cube system. Charlotte-based Sealed Air has been the exclusive licensee of the I-Pack system in North America, Australia and New Zealand for more than 5 years.

The Sealed Air acquisition strategy is focused on best-in-class, disruptive technologies that extend our leadership position. The acquisition of B+ further solidifies Sealed Air’s position in the growing e-commerce market with a solution that focuses on reducing the cost of shipping and increasing bubble wrap productivity.

Sealed Air has had a long-standing relationship with B+, as the exclusive licensee of the I-Pack system in North America, Australia, and New Zealand for more than five years. The B+ acquisition follows Sealed Air buying Intellibot Robotics LLC, a maker of robotic commercial floor-cleaning machines, in April.