Bubble Padded Envelopes Important Usage

Many times, people want to post an item in the mail that requires a little more protection than a simple plain paper envelope. If the item is relatively flat, a padded bubble envelope may be the ideal option. Available in a range of sizes, padded envelopes may have a paper or plastic covered outer layer and feature a bubble wrap layer on the inside of the envelope.

The important usage of padded envelopes

When it comes to sending small, delicate items by post, padded envelopes are the safest bet. These envelopes have extra protective lining. Such a protection is usually in the form of plastic bubble wrap or recycled fibers. The latter is usually shredded newsprint or cotton material. The main idea is to provide an extra layer of protection so that the items placed inside the envelope remain safe during transit and handling. Compared to the simple paper envelope, the padded envelope provides better protection. Padded envelopes can be found in different sizes, colors and styles. These envelopes are a good choice for sending small, fragile and delicate items like CD, DVD, jewelry and gifts.

100x180mm Plain White Bubble Padded Bag Mailer EnvelopeThe biggest concern of any consumer who orders a product online or through mail-order is whether the product sent by the post will arrive in good condition or not. The sender’s reputation is also at stake. Whether an item is sent by a seller, family member or friend; the receiver expects the item to be in good, undamaged condition. This is possible only if the sender has taken proper care in sending the item. One of the best ways to protect small, fragile and delicate items during the postal transit is to use bubble padded envelopes.

Such an envelope can be used for a variety of purposes. Following are some of the items for which padded envelopes are a good packaging choice:

CD and DVD – These are the items that need extra protection when sent through the mail. The bubble wrap in the padded envelope protects CDs from the heavy pressure of other objects. Using this type of envelope for such items eliminates the need to use cardboard boxes that can be heavy and result in extra postal charge.

  • Small gifts – People often send gift items to their family members and friends. Using padded envelopes is a good way to ensure safe arrival of the gifts at the destination. At the same time, the gift must be small and of the size that it can be packaged in such an envelope.
  • Promotional Materials – Businesses have to often send promotional materials to the prospective clients, existing customers, employees and resellers. These are usually small items that must arrive at the recipient’s address in good condition. For this purpose, b are a good choice as packaging material.
  • Documents and Photos – If photos are pressed hard or folded during transit and handling then the image quality may suffer. It is also necessary to send important documents in safe and good condition. In any business dealing, it is imperative to send documents in a way that it arrives in an unfolded, undamaged, clean and properly packed condition.

There are many other such items that can be packed and sent properly and safely using padded envelopes. These envelops can be purchased from post offices, stores that sell office supplies, and even from some of the grocery stores. Buyers looking for variety, unusual sizes and different options can buy these envelopes from online retailers. Before buying such an envelope, the buyer should check the size and type of the item that will be mailed.